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@  king mosses : (18 September 2016 - 10:40 PM) shot ontos ive been doing the admin work of keeping the peace and structure and dignity of those who get on for a jam but still having problems with dudes getting on and running their mouths using sexual harassment statements to the girls who jump on but I warn everyone to stop and just jam ...
@  nojar : (18 September 2016 - 03:59 PM) Ah ok
@  Ontos : (18 September 2016 - 03:57 PM) You need to claim it (i.e. have backend access to the server) to enable stats.
@  nojar : (18 September 2016 - 03:09 PM) you should track the player stats
@  Ontos : (18 September 2016 - 01:40 AM) I re added it to gametracker.com so the banner works again.
@  king mosses : (17 September 2016 - 01:49 PM) yes it is
@  nojar : (17 September 2016 - 12:53 AM) rip server is not up anymore
@  Matt: King o... : (16 September 2016 - 03:54 PM) I'M STILL TOP POSTER BOW BEFORE MY MIGHTY MIGHTYNESS!
@  king mosses : (16 September 2016 - 11:13 AM) Hi all some how steaknbeer has been on so if youre still keen for a jam hit the server not sure how come but it was still up me and a few were jamming last night least we forget...
@  Governor : (30 July 2016 - 02:02 PM) This is sad news. Was going to come back on for a bit to find all this out. Was a very good run and met a heap of cool people who i now have on skype. Will be missed <3
@  Mr Govoner : (23 July 2016 - 03:43 PM) Well Said Guys will miss you all been a mean server and all the admins have done a great job cheers
@  Sneaky Monkey : (13 July 2016 - 06:09 PM) Holy shit man! Cheers for everything lads. Was wicked playing on this server! Good luck with everything.
@  XxPredatorz01xX : (09 July 2016 - 05:30 PM) It's been a great run.
@  king mosses : (05 July 2016 - 09:01 PM) thanks leppy
@  king mosses : (05 July 2016 - 09:00 PM) me to :(
@  SebianZed : (04 July 2016 - 02:14 PM) Can't believe it's over :(
@  Roflburger : (02 July 2016 - 05:20 PM) but thanks for it all.
@  Roflburger : (02 July 2016 - 05:20 PM) sorry guys
@  Roflburger : (02 July 2016 - 05:20 PM) Yeeah seems like servers took down the TS Early
@  Leppy : (01 July 2016 - 06:58 PM) Here is a link to the Wasteland server files for anyone who wants it. https://mega.nz/#!Ug...3CClyNm1hXXpa8A Link probably won't be around forever, so store it yourself if interested.

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Toggle %s The Final Announcement

Posted By:  Roflburger @ 04 June 2016 - 03:01 AM

Hello All.
It's been a slow start to 2016 and there has been alot of time for reflection.
I've decided aswell as CFS that we will be closing down Steak 'n Beer. This will be most likely for good, but it's very possible it could come back some day in the distant future.
The reason being is that we no longer have the drive to Host a Server/Keep a community going, we've really had a good run for 4-5 Years and im Proud of everything that we Achieved.
I'm gonna clarify a few things as well that i think needed to be said because i'm sure some people are gonna say 'Why all of a sudden?' ;).

Arma 3
Basically we explored the options of moving into Arma 3, we tried multiple different servers such as exile, wasteland, gungame etc. The only one that we really found enjoyment from was Gungame and that was primarily used as a event thing and not a everyday server. I'd been talking to a few people behind the scenes to build a Arma 3 Wasteland, similar to how we originally took the Arma 2 Wasteland and made it into our own. Ideally, this was the point were i personally realised that i couldn't be fucked any longer, i'd much rather just play the game at this point then continue down the road of making a new server.


This being said, my Playtime in Arma 3 speaks for itself, i'm not gonna lie i was never a big fan of the game to start with and i haven't really tried it for give or take a year or so. After speaking with CFS it became apparent that we have too much going on in our Real life's let alone having to go through the process of making Wasteland work.
Hence why we have canned it.
People are gonna be disappointed and i realise that, but in the end there is no point in us hosting a server that we have no passion for nor give a fuck for either.
Like i said in the above statement, we had a good 4 yearish run. Arma 2 was the shit, feelings are conflicted about Arma 3.

Garry's Mod

I'm sure some people would like to know what the fuck happened with this (taco). I'd like to first Announce that it wasn't my intention to fuck over the Gmod community by stalling the server coming back up, just due to real-life commitments and just playing other games in general that it never really got back off the ground. Initially when we moved back to Servers Australia, the gmod server was set to go straight away but due to updates in the time that it hadn't been up as well as some of the mods no longer being used and therefore incompatible with the current version then caused A LOT of issues. I then worked on it a multiple times and started getting to a place that i wanted, i'd even started jumping on gmod to see what was currently 'Hip' and started implementing those mods/scripts.


I then got towards finishing it and then just like the Arma 3 Project i had lost all interest the game and i started to question why i would continue to host a server when i didn't play the game. On one hand i have done favors for friends and hosted Games that i never liked but it just felt so wrong at this point to put it up and then have to go through the process of updating it frequently/ managing the server. This was enough for me to say fuck it, but i never really had the will to Announce it was fully dead just in case i changed my mind in the upcoming months. At the time of me writing this post you can probably safety assume i'm happy to put it to bed for once and all.

I'm extremely sorry to the GMOD players as the communication was awful for this situation and i really couldn't make up my mind, i hope you guys have found elsewhere to play that you can enjoy.

To the GMOD Admins, i'm also very Sorry aswell. You guys did a fucking awesome job and it was never a dull moment, You guys always did what was asked and also performed well to represent the community. I'm really glad i gave you all the opportunity because you made the community better for it. I'd also just like to say 66138188.jpg Since most of you did a Year+ on staying with the team. Gmod was the thing that i built from the ground up and you all helped to make it become quite popular in TTT and DR, so for that Thanks! I've made some lifelong friends from it, hope to catch up with you guys soon.

The GMOD Players, besides the obvious lack of communication for the latter half of the servers life i appreciate you all playing and putting up with the bugs and helping me test. I hope that you will remember it for a long-time coming and hopefully gmod has been more influence by my cosmetic only server, instead of that pay to win shit. (Doubt it)
Thanks for dedicating your time to Steak 'n Beer, we as the Administration team will be forever grateful!
Cheers guys, best of luck!

Australian Life

Ah... the Foundation on which this community was built. Australian life was the greatest game i have ever played to date, the life style with the Aussie touch was one of the first mods i played on the game and it hit the nail on the head. Who would of thought that playing a glorified Cops and robbers would be so fun?

Alot of people(Corrupt) are probably wondering why (Corrupt) or what (Corrupt) Happened to Australian life. Well the truth is it was a clash of ideas as well as real life commitments. The team were actively developing a working version since the alpha of Arma 3, they used anything they could to get a head start. We had many community's throw up Servers before us but whenever we looked at their work we laughed, because we had the same dream that ours would be better quality; Better quality cars, Buildings, Gameplay, the whole collection. In the end after a year or two in development, there was just conflict in general ideas and also for the way it was heading.. Paired with the fact that people had busy work schedules also meant limited time on the mod.
It does suck alot, since the only thing that would of made me play Arma 3 was that mod, since the Aussie life style was one-of-a-kind. After Twoodz Left, since he was the lead and Main scripter it kinda hit rock bottom, while in the last few months we did look into a plan of assembling a team to finish off what was done due to interest and then once AGAIN commitments showing up made this a impossible task.
We pretty much decided to scrap this project around February this year but once again, didn't really want to say anything just in case it got a rebirth later on.

To all those who were waiting patiently for it (threads every week nearly) we do appreciate it.
It would of been the dream to get that running under the SnB Banner, but at the same time it was a learning experience.
I really hope someone develops a good Australian life mod for Arma 3 because i'll be there in a heartbeat.
To all our Devs past and present, thankyou for mostly the good times.
Shame we never got to see it come fully to life.

Here is a throwback to the most TRG Takedown that was ever done.
(fuck i was young in this)

Almost brings a tear to my eye :(




The Bread and butter of Steak 'n Beer and the whole reason we became as big as we did! This was too good for us, we Achieved so much for a Australian based server since we rarely attract Europeans/Americans. We were the top Australian Server for an amount of time that i can't even recall and we even sat on top of the world for a period of time too. We achieved so much as a community and i'm really proud of the effort that was put into the server. I know some people may be salty because we changed here and there to upgrade and accommodate for new things, but in the end every new mission was a experience and it's something that i will carry with me as i move foward from this place.
Also if you need a reminder for wasteland is, please watch this tutorial https://www.youtube....h?v=KZbfMqFMNTI

There was alot of late nights, alot of frustration but nothing was better then seeing that Server filling 80/80 and especially when we got two servers running at 80/80 at one point as well. The other experiences was receiving something along 100-150+GB a second DDOS that shut down the network in the Datacentre we were in for a few seconds. We also had many moments where we had the move providers about 7-8 times, because they would kick us to the curb since we would get DDOS'd and blow their traffic up. Honestly i gotta say alot of them never had DDOS protection which was fucking scary considering what their daily job is. I'd hate to have a Big Business and some litte trolls just DDOS the website and i'd lose money over the website being down because of the irrelevant protection.
Big Shout-out to Servers Australia for having Black lotus since that made it extremely stable, bar the connection issues that came every few months. Especially the one that was going on last year for a while.

I've had alot of good memories and also I've sunk a considerable amount of my life into this game mode. Thanks to all the players for making it so Enjoyable. I've finally like to mention that we kept to our guns and never made the server Pay to win in any way shape or form, so it was equal for everybody.. I hope everyone appreciates that as much as our wallets didn't... (Jokes :))

BIG SHOUTOUT to Fat General who according to Gametracker had over 2745 Hours on our server alone!!!! Honestly mate you are a bloody champion, i'm glad you enjoyed SnB as much as we did. Legend mate.
That being said i'd finally like to say a big thankyou to everybody who played you all Deserve a giant pat on the back, you guys literally made the community what it currently is today and without you we wouldn't be where we are today!

Final Stats include: 7356 Restarts and 21,463 Unique Players!!

Once again, Thank you Everyone!

To the Arma Admins.... I don't know where we would be without you, You guys did a thankless job and you dealt with it for years.. Nearly every single admin was here since the day it started and continued right until the present day although you play admittedly less Arma 2 :) Honestly you guys are the backbone of the community and you guys were judge, jury and executioner and i think you guys came across fairly. We let you guys have your own digression on nearly every matter and you guys did perfect.
Besides making life-long friends with alot of you and also meeting a few of you on the boat, i'd for sure like to catch up with a beer with you guys for all the work you did. The first rounds on CFS! my treat! (Also all the other rounds, cheers mate)
Big Shoutout to BoB and King Mosses for carrying the team in the latter-half of the server life, You guys are Champions.

Thanks for helping my tests for wasteland/showing up to the meetings and also doing your job without any monetary reward ;).
all while doing school/working!

Founders Last Message


So I've come to end of my spiel, if you have gotten this far congratulations... I know CFS hasn't hence why he's gonna be in a suprise for the free rounds :). I'd like to Finally thanks Twoodz and CFS, i've Owned Part of this Server since i was 17 and now i Turn 22 this year, these two older heads kept everything grounded and realistic and otherwise had the Financial backing when i sometimes didn't. Twoodz we owe the creation of wasteland to you and the hours you put in was mental, when you were passionate about something you gave it a 110% and made sure it was done well. Now we are here, i'm not sure how long it's gonna be till you read this since you are busy and all but Cheers mate on behalf of all of us, your work was great and you will never get that time back that you spent on this community but at least their is 21,000+ that can appreciate it :)

CFS, First met you when you asked me to be an Admin for Australian life in the day and since there everything has been swell mate, met you irl too many times to count but i'm glad we all shared the Journey together. Thanks for being a cool head among a volcano at times, and even though you said you never did shit you did alot more then you credit yourself for.
Cheers buddy.
Also you won't live this down CFS.

Man ACE was the best!



At this point it's late and i was saving this speech for not 2 am in the morning but after finally Cancelling the Server and the teamspeak i felt that i had to write it now or i'd forget the things i'd want to say.. (probably still did.)
Final note is The Wasteland Server will be closing on the 21/06/2016 Since thats the Last billing day and i'll probably have a event on the 18/06/2016 and just play wasteland a bit more or maybe some Gungame or some shit as a 'Farewell' and have a few drinks aswell.
I'd also like to mention the teamspeak closing on the 07/07/2016 since i recently just payed for that it occurred one more month, I recommend you guys switch to Discord if you need a free-voice chatting service because it's browser friendly and pretty cool. (I'll be using it for sure)
And the lucky last which is the website will be going down on 24/12/2016 since the domain was bought on a 2 year plan.

If you would like the Wasteland Mission Talk to Arkadios/Leppy.
If you would like the GMOD Files, i no longer have them since they are long-out-of-date.
That's all.

I'm out for the last time,
Thanks guys for the final time.
Sorry for the Grammar and also if you'd like to add me on Steam feel free: http://steamcommunity.com/id/imabawz/



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Toggle %s Arma 3 Wasteland

Posted By:  CfsFireFighter @ 13 December 2015 - 09:25 PM
As some of you may have noticed a Arma3 Wasteland Server in your server browser. It is no a mistake we are going to give Arma 3 a good Aussie go.
If you haven't heard of it, there is quite a few videos sitting around the place.
At the current time we will be running the Latest Version to see how much Interest it generates.
Find the server by just Filtering Steak 'n Beer and it should appear in your server browser.
As we really have not seen much of A3 Wateland we need you the player base to help, we need as many people as possible to jump on and report if they find and bugs or if you just have a general suggestion to make the server more enjoyable.
You can post Bugs/Suggestions by CLICKING HERE! 
The Server may have limited Slots at the moment because we running Arma 2 Wasteland still and it's quite taxing.
if the time comes we will probably switch it over to the SSD to get even more potential out of it.
Finally when the move happens we will upgrade the slots to an 80-100 player server depending on whats going on.
To The Devs who expressed their intrest at developing for Steak 'n Beer you will be all put into a conversation soon to see if you would like to continue with this.
Finally, Have fun guys.

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Toggle %s Role Call: Developers Needed.

Posted By:  Roflburger @ 08 August 2015 - 12:58 AM



Hey guys, Just looking for some more developers to assist us with an Arma 3 move upcoming later on this year, anyone with experiencing with scripting would be awesome.. anyone with Arma 2 or 3 would be SUPER awesome.
Contact me on Teamspeak, if you are a developer who wishes to join in or possibly know someone who does?
Appreciate it guys.

Regards Founders


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Toggle %s Extreme Packet loss on Wasteland

Posted By:  Roflburger @ 13 April 2015 - 02:25 AM

Well... 2015 has been an eventful year thus far.

As some of you may know ( i'm sure everyone does by this point) Wasteland has been extremely laggy for the past week or so also with diligence of quite a bit of crashes and so forth. Now i'm finally making a comment, because i've got all the facts i need to make a confident enough announcement anyway.



Now some of you may be wondering why i'm saying stuff about Servers Australia... since we have moved to Godedicated recently, well basically Godedicated use SAU (Servers Australia) as their upstream provider, who then use Equinix as their provider for their upstream purposes (In Melbourne anyway, which is where the new DEDI is located). 

Now obviously this hasn't been an issue all the time, but it explains alot of the things that may of been happening and so forth. I'm not gonna say they are all to blame, shit happens from time to time. I would admit that i personally made mistakes with tweaking of bandwidth settings which may have caused extra desync because i was trying to isolate the problem at the time and i couldn't quite put my finger on it. All of these things together have mushed into one giant issue and for that i'm sorry. I always state we are players at heart, and it frustrated everyone on the Administration team about all the issues that occurred, myself especially. 

I just want to say the harsh reality is that shit happens. This is just the world of server hosting and video gaming, but we will continue on and hopefully it will soon all be resolved. The second thing that is regardless of this problem there is always going to be desync.. it's built into the game and Arma works with it.. so even when this all gets patched hopefully the server will be alot smoother, but don't be suprised to see some desyncish thing every now and again It all just works on a night to night basis. If you want a bit more information about Desync and why it occurs it would be best to read up this explanation http://www.steaknbee...y-do-we-desync/ by Matt [King of Derp]. 

Finally, i cannot tell you when this will be fixed... it will still be playable but as soon as i know more information i will pass it on. For now i can only play it by ear and gauge off what is going on with SAU and their upstream.

Once again, Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.. it annoys us too.
Any questions feel free to message me.

Regards, Rofl.

Edit: A whirlpool thread with some discussion about the current issue:http://forums.whirlp...s.cfm?t=2393783


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Toggle %s New Wasteland & Teamspeak

Posted By:  Roflburger @ 11 March 2015 - 03:00 PM

Hey guys,

This last week in a short summary has been a fucking nightmare, I've never had so many issues plaguing the whole community at one time.

Basically in short my last week has consisted of nearly 24/7 communication with server providers and all, in a non-stop effort to try combat all the issues that magically happened at once.

As of this moment, Teamspeak has been moved onto a new box on a different network with proper DDOS protection and hopefully alot more network stability.

At the same time with the Wasteland box, we are now testing Wasteland on a different box with it being installed on an SSD which will hopefully curb alot of the desync issues, as well as a more stable network.

The mission has been put up, but this is going to be a test for the next week or so.

Early signs show that improvements have been made, but until we test it on a full 80 person server we can't say so for sure.

In short, Please jump on to help us test out the server performance and also feel free to message myself or any of the admins with any bugs you may come across, If this works on a stability level we can soon get around to making new stuff, fresh ideas for the mission.

Also the gametracker stats will be carried over, we just have to update it with the new IP and such. So ignore the Gametracker until it says the new IP

Thankyou for staying with us through these issues and still playing regardless, we appreciate it alot.


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